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After School Clubs are now up and running again. Please see the letter below for the After School Clubs this term. 


Mallard Primary School is proud to be registered with Doncaster Children’s University™ as a ‘Learning Destination’.

You can purchase your passport from our main office for £1

What is the Children’s University?

Children's University is an opportunity for children to be rewarded for spending time involved in positive activities outside normal school hours. Children's University is an exciting way for children to learn by having fun and doing things they enjoy!

Children record each hour that they do in an activity at a Children's University Learning Destination in the Children's University 'Passport to Learning'. Children are encouraged to work towards national certificates that are issued from the Children’s University. The first award starts with the bronze certificate at the Undergraduate level of 30 hours of learning. When children accumulate enough hours to achieve an award, they will be invited to graduate at an annual ceremony. Wearing a 'cap and gown', they will receive their certificate in front of an invited audience of parents and relatives.



What is a learning destination?

A Learning Destination is an organisation that offers learning opportunities for children outside normal school hours i.e. before and after school or at lunchtime; they can be in the form of a club, visit or event.

A list of Learning Destinations can be found on the Children's University website or you are welcome to contact the Children's University office on 01302 553791 .

A Learning Destination will have the CU logo to show they are a member.



How does it work?

Throughout the year you will receive information regarding after school clubs that your child may attend, children will collect credits for each hour they spend attending school clubs. The credits are collected in a ‘Passport to Learning’ which is available to buy from school. Children will receive a Children’s University ‘National Award’ once they have reached Bronze (30 hours), Silver (65 hours) and Gold (100 hours) Awards continue up to 1000 hours. Certificates are awarded as children move through the different levels. Each year in recognition of their hard work children are invited to a Graduation Event at Doncaster College. Please note children may only collect credits from validated learning destinations; please contact the Children’s University office for details of validated Learning Destinations.



How do I know my children’s credits are monitored?

Mallard Primary School and the other Learning Destinations agree to sign your child’s passport after each club or visit and inform Doncaster Children’s University. Once a term a member of the Children’s University team comes into school and maintains a database of hours that children have completed. They will notify the school when the next Graduation Ceremony will be held and who will be graduating.


Please note that children will be expected to keep their passports safe and they will be responsible for presenting their passports for signing in school and at other validated Learning Destinations.



Want to find out more?

Click this link below to find out more about Children’s University