Class Dojo

We use a digital classroom tool called Class Dojo. This tool designed to help teachers and parents communicate effectively especially as parents are unable to talk directly with their child’s teacher due to the current COVID-19 procedures.

We have set parent accounts up so that you will be able to message your child’s class teacher directly with any queries or questions. Also, you have the option to message the Admin team with any issues such as ParentPay etc.

Additionally, we will also be using ClassDojo to give you an insight into your child’s learning. This will be communicated via images of activities within the class, knowledge organisers and examples of work. Each individual class is a closed system which can only be viewed by parents who have been provided with a unique code for their child within that class. As a parent, you will be able to see the Class Story and information for the whole class and through the messaging system your child’s teacher will be able to share examples of your child's work so that you can celebrate their learning too. 

Below is a guide that we have put together to help you to set up your parent account and guidance on how to add your children to your account. You will receive a letter for each child with a unique code so that you can add them to your Class Dojo parent account.

Please be aware that staff will always attempt to reply to your messages between the hours of their working day. However, please do not use the messaging system for urgent information, as there is no guarantee the teacher will pick up the message during the day. In this case, information should be communicated via the School Office by phone and email who will then pass your information to the relevant member of staff who will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

 Finally, we award Class Dojo points to our children to reward their positive behaviour for showing our Mallard behaviours in their learning and you will be able to see these through your parent account too.