Half Term 1

We set a target this year of achieving 96% attendance for all children in Years 1-6. We finished the first half term having achieved 96.2% which was a fantastic effort. Magpie class deserve particular recognition as they achieved 98% for the first half term. Their fantastic achievement was rewarded with the class collecting weekly attendance cheques totalling £62.

Kestrel class (97.1%) collected cheques totalling £46 followed by Goldfinch class (96.8%) with £45. Other classes to achieve over 96% attendance were Skylark (96.6%), Eagle (96.5%), Jay (96.4%), Raven (96.4%), Jackdaw (96.3%) Blackbird class (96.2%) and Puffin class (96.1%).

Year 4 was the highest achieving year group with 97.3% followed by Year 5 with 96.8%.

The graph below shows the weekly attendance compared to the weekly attendance of the previous year.