Week beginning 16th September

This week has been one of our best attended weeks with children in Years 1-6 achieving 97.1% attendance. We will be handing out a cheque for £10 to Kestrel class in next week's attendance as they achieved 100% attendance, fantastic!  They will also be receiving a session with Scotty's Heroes next Tuesday. 

Also, well done to Eagle (98.9%), Falcon (98.7%), Raven (98.3%), Jackdaw (97.9%), Jay (97.9%), Goldfinch (97.7%), Skylark (96.2%) and Robin (96.0%) you will be receiving your attendance cheques in next Friday’s assembly.

Our highest attending year group this week is Year 5 with a phenomenal 99.5% attendance, a fantastic effort and well done!

Below is a graph to show our attendance over the last three years.