Mallard Primary School


From September 2014, the system for assessing the attainment and progress of children in KS1 and KS2 changed. Children will no longer be assessed using levels.

In school your child will be assessed regularly by all adults they work with against objectives in the National Curriculum. Children receive daily feedback from staff around their achievements and what they can do to improve their work even further. They receive written comments on their work and verbal feedback during lessons.

We use pre-tasks to find out what the children already know so that learning can be planned to build upon this prior knowledge. We then use         post-tasks once they have completed their learning to assess their progress towards the objectives.

The teachers make a judgement 4 times a year as to whether your child is; working towards the expected standard, has met the expected standard or has achieved greater depth. These judgements as well as the ongoing day-to-day assessments will be discussed and shared with parents throughout the school year through their reports and pupil progress meetings.




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