In school your child will be assessed regularly by all adults they work with against objectives in the National Curriculum. Children receive daily feedback from staff around their achievements and what they can do to improve their work even further. They receive written comments on their work and verbal feedback during lessons.

We use do-now tasks to find out what the children already know and give them a chance to recall their learning from previous lessons and the learning can be planned to build upon this prior knowledge. 

We use a system called OTrack to track the children's progress against the National Curriculum statements. The children will be assessed as orange if the your child needs support from an adult to meet this objective, green if they can independently meet the objective and then purple if they can apply this skill. these assessments are ongoing, day to day assessments as the children cover the curriculum. They will revisit skills throughout the year to allow children to move towards being able to independently achieve and then apply the curriculum. 

These assessments will be sent home as part of the mid-year and end of year reports. 

Children at Mallard will take the National Statutory assessments in EYFS, Phonics in Year 1, Reading, writing and Maths Year 2 and Year 6. These results will be shared with parents and carers as the children move through school.