School Visits

Mallard Primary School believes that educational visits are an integral part of the entitlement of every pupil to an effective and balanced curriculum. Appropriately planned visits are known to enhance learning and improve attainment, and so form a key part of what makes Mallard Primary School a supportive and effective learning environment.

Educational Visits Policy


Here are some of our most recent school visits:

Foundation Stage - KL Falconry Visit

On Friday 10th January Reception had a visit from KL Falconry. We were able to meet 3 beautiful owls. Libby the African Spotted Eagle Owl, Tilly the Barn Owl and Molly the Burrowing Owl. We asked lots of questions and found out all about the different owls.   

Year 1 - Squirrel Wood

Year one went to Squirrel Wood and participated in a treasure hunt for different items from a story, den building with natural materials and roasting marshmallows over an open fire. The weather was unkind to us and we did get rather wet but the children still thoroughly enjoyed the visit and are excited for their enhanced learning. 

Year 2 - Conisbrough Castle

Year 2 had a fantastic time at Conisbrough Castle! We learned lots of interesting facts about the castle, the keep and the people who lived in it. We even saw where the castle dungeon was for those people who didn't listen to Lord Hamelin! Both classes were fantastically behaved and impressed the staff with their knowledge, enthusiasm and the questions they asked.






Year 3 - Austerfield

On Friday, Year 3 visited Austerfield Study Centre as part of their theme 'Splish, Splash, Splosh!' to learn all about rivers, flow and the water cycle.  The children thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the features of a river before heading out into the hills to create their own rivers, and seeing first hand how the different features look in real life.  Later, the children enacted the water cycle and were quite surprised at how many stages water needs to go through before we can actually use it for drinking.  The day was finished off with an investigation of flow, and the children drew on all of their team-working skills to carry out their set tasks.  Staff at the centre were extremely complimentary of our children who were a credit to themselves and to Mallard.  They should be proud of themselves.

Year 4 - Leeds City Museum

During our trip to Leeds City Museum, we developed our understanding of the Romans by exploring artefacts from the past, which helped to give us clues about what life was like for the Romans. Some of us tried on replicas of a Legionary's armour. We took part in an interesting workshop, where we looked at when the Ancient Romans lived compared to other ancient civilisations. Also, we handled artefacts and worked well in teams to consider what they could be.

As well as this, we thoroughly enjoyed exploring a gallery in the museum, which focused on 'Migration'. We were able to see how Britain has been affected by migration and how life in the UK is influenced by cultures from around the world. We were very inquisitive and curious and asked so many brilliant questions, which will help us with our next theme. 

Year 5 - Planetarium

Year 5 really enjoyed their journey to 'space' in the planetarium and were amazed to see our Solar System and learn about the different planets, moons and space expeditions. The planetarium company  were really impressed with their existing knowledge and the questions that were asked.





Year 6 - Hornsea 

On Friday, the whole of year 6 had their annual visit to Hornsea. We played on the adventure play park, ate fish and chips and ice cream and some were even brave enough for the sea! The year 6's were being rewarded for all of their hard work this year.