Design and Technology

Design and Technology Milestones Year 1 - 6.pdf

National curriculum - Design and Technology Programme of Study

Our Design and Technology curriculum encourages pupils to become independent and creative problem-solvers,

both as individuals and as part of a team. High quality lessons allow pupils to develop and increase their resilience, perseverance, and determination levels, to ensure that they can respond positively to any problem that occurs. This is one of the main reasons, that they are able to become such confident problem solvers. We create opportunities for them to develop skills needed for the wider world beyond their time at Mallard Primary School.

We aim to provide children with the opportunity to really secure those “real-life skills”. Through the design and technology curriculum at Mallard, pupils are inspired by engineers, designers, chefs, and architects, from across history, to enable them to create a range of meticulous and well thought out, structures, mechanisms, textiles, electrical systems, and food products with an engaging and real-life purpose. The pupils are able to research into other designs and designers in order to make informed design choices, and to give their outcomes/products a real meaning.


Additionally, we teach design and technology as a process. In order to do this, we teach high quality sessions focusing on researching, designing, making, evaluating and improving. This ensures that the children are able to develop skills from across the curriculum. In each year group, children follow the process to create four different outcomes. The children will complete an outcome focusing on: mechanics, food, textiles and construction throughout each year to allow them revisit skills to continually build on and refine them.