.At Mallard, children enjoy Science, and follow the Science Curriculum through an investigative

and engaging approach to learning.  They work scientifically to acquire skills and scientific vocabulary progressively, whilst building a portfolio of knowledge that they take with them as they journey through school.

Each strand of the Curriculum is taught discretely and begins with a Deep Dive into learning, where children are able to question, explore and familiarise themselves with the scientific equipment, resources and vocabulary that they will use routinely throughout the theme of learning.  Here, they will begin to think about some of the big questions in Science linked to the theme, considering how they could be answered, and planning for the investigations that they will carry out to find the answers.  The remainder of each theme consists of acquiring and applying essential knowledge in equal parts.

Image previewScience lessons are taught weekly, and follow a structure familiar to the children.  Each lesson begins with an opportunity to revisit prior learning: from a previously-taught theme of learning or to revisit essential knowledge acquired in an earlier year group that they will then build upon.  This spiral way of revisiting the curriculum has been proven to show that children are better able to both consolidate the knowledge that they have gained as well as allowing them to build upon it over time.  At the end of each lesson, children identify, consolidate and assess what they have learnt that day.

Assessment of Science is ongoing and formative.  Low-stakes testing in a variety of forms, and opportunities for children to showcase what they have learnt are built into each theme of learning enabling gaps in knowledge and understanding to be identified and revisited during subsequent lessons and themes. 

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