National curriculum - Music Programme of Study

Our Music curriculum includes music from great musicians and composers being listened to, an understanding of the history of music and traditions within music. The children listen with attention to detail and use specific musical vocabulary to describe the music heard. Children compose their own original and imaginative music using a range of techniques.

In music lessons, children have the opportunity to perform as a solo and in ensemble groups by using their voices and playing instruments. In Key Stage 2, all children learn to read rhythms and notes on the musical stave and learn a musical instrument: keyboard in Year 3, ukulele in Year 4, recorder in Year 5 and keyboard once again in Year 6 with increasing accuracy, control and expression.

Our children are given the opportunity to perform to a live audience through participating in our yearly Christmas choir concert, Eisteddfod festival, recital concert, Sing Out! massed choir concert and Opera North concert.