French (Modern Foreign Language)

National curriculum - Modern Foreign Language Programme of Study


At Mallard, we follow the Rising Star scheme of work to support our learning of French. Each stage has a theme, which enables the children to learn words and phrases with the support of games, activities and songs. Each year group will complete 6 units building on their knowledge and understanding at each stage.


Stage and units for each year group include:


Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6
Year 3

All about me: learning how to say greeting, say your name and tell people about your family.







Learning how to count to 20 and ask the question of How many…?






Months of the year:

Knowing how to say and order the months of the year. Say when you birthday is and learn the birthday song in French



Colours the human body:

Children will learn the different colours. They will learn names for part of the body and use these to describe/ask questions- e.g. colours of eyes.


Children will learn the names of different animals and be able to describe their colour.







Naming the different foods and saying what I like or don’t like. Being able to ask question to others about what they like.




Year 4

Days of the week:

Children will learn how to say and read the days of the week, ordering them and being able to ask and answer the question: what day is it?




Toys and money:

Children will learn names of toys and say which their favourite is.

They will learn how to count to 30 and use this to say how much a toy costs. Asking and answering questions.



Children will build on their counting knowledge, furthering their learning by counting in multiples of 10 to 100.





Keeping healthy:

This unit looks at sport and healthy foods. Being able to name them and say which you like.






Animals and their habitats:

Furthering their skills from the last stage, children recap animals and look at where they live.

This unit also looks at how to ask/say where you live.




Children learn how to name items of clothing in French. Using their knowledge of weather from a previous unit, say what to wear if it is hot/cold.




Year 5/6 


Children will learn how to name different foods, say which they like and learn how to order food in French.






Children will learn how to name different musical instruments and say if they play and instrument. They will also learn how to say what music they like.




This units teaches children how to identify and name places/locations in French and to give directions to get there.




The seaside:

Children will learn how to read and write about seaside activities.







Seasons and weather:

Building on prior knowledge, children will learn about seasons and use their knowledge about the weather to help describe the different seasons.


In this unit, children learn about the planets and the solar system. Learning how to describe their colour and size etc.






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