At Mallard we firmly believe in creating readers for life. We aim to provide the children with not only the skill of reading but the love of reading too; for this to be achieved we see the partnership with home as a key role in this. Every child has a book to bring home each day and the sharing of books with home daily is key in the children becoming confident, fluent readers. Reading with your child every day will improve their fluency and build their vocabulary.

Reading in Foundation Stage 

When the children begin their reading journey at Mallard, we ensure they have the opportunity to learn through songs, rhymes and poems. In Nursery the children will learn to sing along to well known songs and poems. The children add actions to retell stories and enjoy story time during every session and they start to learn initial sounds. Story time is part of every Nursery session. 

Children in Foundation stage have the chance to bring home a book from the lending library which is full of great stories for families to share together at home.  

As the children move in to Reception, they continue to learn lots of stories and start to use story maps to help them retell them. The children learn a poem of the week and use actions to help recite them. The children in Reception begin to learn their sounds through the Read Write Inc program. The children use stories as a stimulus for writing and write for purpose from their story. 


Key Stage 1

Children in Key Stage 1 follow the Read Write Inc program. The children are grouped so they can access reading books at their decodable level. The children will bring home a reading book that reinforces the sounds they are learning in school. As well as this book, the children also take home a range of stories to share with their families from our lending library; these include a range of picture books for the children to enjoy. The children are encouraged to retell stories and poems they have read orally using actions and props.

 As the children move through Year 2, they have the chance to take part in our Explorer Challenge. This challenge includes a range of fiction and non-fiction books. The fiction books start to include short chapter books. 



Key Stage 2 

In Key Stage 2 the children start to carry out a novel study. The children will read a range of books and study the authors use of language, character and how the story develops. 

Alongside their novel the children read and respond to a wide range of shorter texts. This means the children read a range of text types, authors and cover a wide range of topics. It allows the children to gain a wider range of knowledge and understanding. 


The children bring home reading books from our Reading Challenge. The stages Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum gradually increase in their difficulty to decode as well as covering a range of themes and topics that interest the children. The challenges also include non-fiction as well as poetry alongside the fiction books. The children are awarded bands to wear when they complete a challenge. 

The Key Stage 2 curriculum is planned to include reading around a theme. Every theme includes lessons that involve the children reading and gathering knowledge around their History or Geography theme. This allows the children to be immersed in the theme as they have a secure knowledge base with which to build on for their future lessons. 




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