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In order to ensure that every child at Mallard Primary School has access to their learning, irrespective of lockdown and self-isolation, we have developed the following plan. This plan offers remote learning opportunities whilst also acknowledging that some households have limited access to devices and will require paper copies of work and resources.

This plan works in consultation with the Remote Learning Policy and has the following specific aims:

  • To outline our approach for pupils who will not be attending school, as a result of government guidance or the closure of a class/ year group bubble
  • To advise staff on the best approach for individuals or groups of pupils who are self-isolating

The plan complies with the expectations and principles outlined in the DFE document Guidance for Full Opening of Schools. Mallard Primary has also used research from the Educational Endowment Foundation as a basis for our approach to remote learning.

When implementing strategies to support pupils’ remote learning, or supporting parents to do this, key things to consider are:

  • Teaching quality is more important than how lessons are delivered
  • Ensuring access to technology is key, especially for disadvantaged pupils
  • Supporting pupils to work independently can improve learning outcomes
  • Different approaches to remote learning suit different types of content and pupils 


Remote learning packages including online platforms and software links 

Teachers will set appropriate work in-line with our current curriculum and this may be supplemented by a range of resources provided by Oak Academy, TT Rockstars and MyMaths. The school will provide a curriculum sequence that allows access to high quality resources. It may include teaching videos, which can be accessed via Microsoft Teams.  The learning sequence will consist of 10 days curriculum provision initially.


Each day there will be a reading, writing and maths activity with additional arithmetic through either TT Rockstars or MyMaths. As we follow the Maths Mastery programme, there are some videos/lessons that have been developed by Oak National that we may use to supplement learning in maths. We will also provide additional grammar activities through the use of the Spelling Shed website. In addition, there will also be an activity from the wider curriculum, which may include geography, history, Religious Studies, PE or science. Again, some of these subject areas may be supplemented with videos/links which match our Mallard curriculum through Oak National.  Across the 10 school days, a range of subjects will be taught. This will be in line with each year’s curriculum plan. There will be clear explanations, scaffolding and feedback given. It is important that that the explanation builds clearly on pupils’ prior learning and how their understanding is accessed.


Reading books should already be home as part of their home reading and we will arrange, where possible, to supply additional reading books.  A stationary pack will also be made available for each child should it be required. Differentiated activities will reflect the different abilities of each bubble for the core subjects.


The school recognises that not every family and pupil will have access to online resources and we will offer paper based resources.  Send-home resource packs are a manageable, low-tech solution to continuing suitable educational provision during the school closure. We will compile resource packs to be communicated to pupils and assess this work once it has been completed and submitted. These resources packs may contain a combination of online and off-line resources. Parents will be able to contact their child’s teacher or the Admin team through their Class Dojo app.


Oak Academy has been selected to support remote learning for a number of reasons. The Oak Academy lessons are in-line with our teaching ethos – they encourage the use of retrieval practice, explicit teaching with high quality modelling, and the use of deliberate practice. The online lessons are free to all and offer a recorded taught session so that the children can access physical teaching from a teacher and then access work relating to that lesson within the same website. There are also hundreds of lessons specifically aimed at children with SEND needs and requiring additional support. Class teachers may also use the lessons in the classroom so children are familiar with the platform. TT Rockstars will be utilised to support the acquisition and retention of basic mathematical core skills. Microsoft Office 365 (Teams) will support school in offering true online learning and enhanced communication. Each child will have access to the online platform and this is where they will be able to access their work and ‘hand back in’ to get feedback from their teacher.


In the event of any form of isolation and loss of learning caused by Coronavirus, parents must understand that engagement in home learning is compulsory, as is the expectation that Mallard Primary School makes that provision available and accessible to all. However, if children themselves are too ill to attend then they should not be expected to engage in home learning.


In preparation for home learning, parents and children may need to receive logins and passwords for the following platforms (likewise teaching staff need to be familiar with them):

  • Microsoft Office 365 (Teams)
  • MyMaths
  • TT Rockstars
  • Spelling Shed

Worksheets and Practical Resources

If a child is isolated from school i.e. the child is sent home from school to either receive a test or self-isolate as someone in the household is being tested, they will leave school with a pack of work and their own stationery pack. Children will have immediate opportunity to continue their learning. This may also be appropriate for specific groups of pupils.

The work packs should be basic skills work that would be relevant at any stage of the year i.e. arithmetic, spelling, reading, writing (with a visual prompt) and handwriting.

Remote Learning

The initial response to any isolation will be to provide children with home learning materials alongside their class stationery pack (this might need to be delivered). In the case of whole cohort isolation, resources will be uploaded to Microsoft Office 365 or made up into a pupil work pack. This measure will afford teachers a short time to prepare their remote learning resources.



The Department for Education are providing schools with a small number of laptops to support pupils who are struggling to access our remote learning (Microsoft Teams). If you are struggling with being able to access a device, please contact us to discuss what we can do to support.


A whole bubble/cohort of children is isolating because of an outbreak of coronavirus

Ongoing Support Safeguarding/SEND

The Class teacher will share work through Microsoft Teams and share links to appropriate lessons from Oak National lessons where relevant. Option for work to be shared through Class Dojo app too.

Parents notified so they know to communicate test results to


School will provide stationary pack and/or books if required.

If any children are entitled to benefit-related FSM ensure food made available.

Completed work to be uploaded to Microsoft Teams. Teachers can then review the work completed and ensure that the following day’s lesson addresses misconceptions etc. Feedback and queries can take place throughout the day using feedback functionality through Microsoft Teams. This could take the form of written feedback.

If any child is vulnerable in any way, the Inclusion Team will ensure that appropriate agencies are notified and arrange for regular safe and well checks via a phone call from the DSL Safeguarding team (record on CPOMS).


In the event of a teacher becoming ill, alternative provision will be required to ‘takeover’ the Microsoft Team account for their class with resources being identified by other staff.

Those not engaging with home learning are to receive a phone call from a member of SLT to discuss the obstacles and the support needed by the family. This could then be followed up by calls from class teacher if there are pastoral issues.

School will support parents who require additional training or advice. Any guides will be uploaded on all the school’s communication channels through the website, Twitter and Class Dojo. Teachers will make children aware of any log ins they require. Parents can communicate with class teachers via Class Dojo or the school office if any remote learning is unclear. The school will support parents with technical advice if children cannot access remote learning on any home device. However, this is not a guarantee that all matters can be resolved.

Where children would normally receive additional support from SEND agencies, the SENCO will make arrangements for those to continue via Microsoft Teams as long as the agencies engage.


The SENCO will share appropriate Oak National SEND lessons with teachers who will disseminate accordingly.



The class teacher will ensure that class work set is appropriate to meet the needs to each child. 


In the event of restricted attendance, as directed by the DfE, Mallard pupils who are considered vulnerable or subject to an EHCP will be positively encouraged to attend.

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