Mallard Primary School Calendar Dates 2017 - 2018 

Autumn Term

Friday 8th September

House Captain Elections

Friday 15th September

School Parliament Elections

Tuesday 19th September

Year 4 Trip to Eureka!

Wednesday 20th September

Falcon Family Assembly

Wednesday 27th September

Year 2 Trip to Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery

Wednesday 27th September

Magpie Family Assembly

Friday 29th September

MacMillan Coffee Afternoon

Monday 9th September 

Family Learning - Year 1 & 2

Tuesday 10th October 

Family Learning - Year 3 & 4

Wednesday 11th October

Parents Coffee Afternoon with Mrs Siverns, Mrs Cousins and Miss Silvester 

Thursday 12th October

Family Learning Year 5 & 6

Friday 20th October

Harvest Collection 

Tuesday 24th October

Monster Ball - Foundation and Key Stage 1

Wednesday 25th October

Hawk Family Assembly

Wednesday 25th October 

Monster Ball - Key Stage 2

Wednesday 25th October

School Closes

Monday 6th November 

School Opens

Wednesday 8th November 

NSPCC Safeguarding training for parents   

Friday 10th November

Year 5 Remembrance Assembly

Monday 13th - Friday 17th November

Anti-Bullying Week 

Tuesday 21st November

Pupil Progress Meetings with parents 

Wednesday 22nd November

Raven Family assembly

Wednesday 29th November  

Parents Coffee Afternoon with Mrs Siverns, Mrs Cousins and Miss Silvester  

Friday 8th December  

Christmas Fundraising event

Tuesday 12th December 

Key Stage 1 Nativity 2pm 

Wednesday 13th December 

Key Stage 2 Nativity 6pm

Thursday 14th December 

Foundation Stage Nativity 9:15am

Friday 15th December 

Christmas Dinner

Monday 18th December 

Christmas Party Foundation Stage

Tuesday 19th December 

Christmas Party Year 1 & 2

Wednesday 20th December

Christmas Party Year 3 & 4

Thursday 21st December

Christmas Party Year 5 & 6

Friday 22nd December

Blessing of the Crib

Friday 22nd December 

School Closes

Monday 8th January 2018

School Opens