School Visits

Mallard Primary School believes that educational visits are an integral part of the entitlement of every pupil to an effective and balanced curriculum. Appropriately planned visits are known to enhance learning and improve attainment, and so form a key part of what makes Mallard Primary School a supportive and effective learning environment.

Educational Visits Policy


Here are some of our most recent school visits:

Foundation Stage - Kirklees Light Railway

Reception had a fantastic day at Kirklees Light Railway. The children loved having the opportunity to ride on a real life steam train. While we were there we were able to visit the engine shed, where we learnt all about how engines work. The weather was perfect so we were able to enjoy the miniature train ride and play in the park. 

Year 1 - Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Last Thursday Year 1 went on a very windy visit to the wildlife park.  The children learnt so much about the animals, what they look like and their habitats.  We learnt about their diets and whether they are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores as well as all the different body parts each animal has.  We also learnt some fascinating facts such as a giraffe's tongue can be 50cm long, wallabies have pouches where their babies live and a baby wallaby, (Joey) is the size of jelly bean when it is first born.  Of course the children were so well behaved as we went around and were a credit to our school.  

Year 2 - The Deep

Year 2 had a fantastic time at The Deep as part of our theme "Land Ahoy!" We learned about the different colours and textures you can find in the ocean as well as interesting facts about sea creatures. We now know that sharks have no bones, that penguins dry their feathers by flapping their wings and that some fish live to be over 100 years old! The children were wonderfully behaved and represented Mallard extremely well.

Year 3 - Creswell Crags

Year 3 have enjoyed an eventful visit to Creswell Crags this week to launch their new theme: Tribal Tales.  The children took part in a series of workshops where they got to grips with life in the Stone Age at the time of the last ice age.  The children first honed their survival skills by learning how to build a shelter, hunt for food using spears and make a fire using a friction bow technique.  After this, the children toured the museum to learn about the creatures that roamed our area over 150,000 years ago, before attempting to identify the bones from some of these creatures and rebuild the skeletons found in the nearby caves.  Finally, the children toured the caves of Creswell Crags, where they learnt about the ancient people who would have sheltered here in the past.  Here, they had the opportunity to get to handle and learn about some of the day-to-day objects that Stone Age man would have used.  We were surprised by just how resourceful these people really were, and how perilous life in the Stone Age must have been.  The visit was enjoyed by all, and we are now looking forward to finding out even more about this fascinating period of our history.

Year 4 - Murton Park

Year 4 had an exciting visit to Murton Park where we had an immersive experience dressing up as Vikings for the day! We did lots of great activities including: marking clay candle-stick holders, learning how to be a Viking soldier and being on look out for the enemy as well as learning about the types of settlements in which the Vikings lived. It was a really fantastic day! 

Year 5 - Doncaster Museum

The Year 5's had a fantastic time at Doncaster Heritage Museum learning all about the Ancient Egyptians. We learnt some fascinating facts whilst taking part in a workshop. We took part in some activities about the Scarab Beetle, we designed our own Gods, mummified a classmate, cracked some hieroglyphics and analysed some ancient artefacts. All in all it was a wonderful trip!

Year 6 - Crucial Crew

Year 6 had a fantastic time at crucial crew, we spent time on sets and learnt about how to keep others and ourselves safe. Overall, it was very fun!